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An experienced team of tax litigators, with an outstanding track record.

Tax litigation

Our firm, specialized in tax litigation, will assist individuals or companies in resolving their tax disputes with the Québec Revenue Agency or the Canada Revenue Agency.

A tax dispute arises when a taxpayer doesn’t agree with the revenue authorities with respect to the taxpayer’s obligations.

After an audit (either random or targeted), a projected reassessment is issued by the Minister, and thereafter a negotiation entails, the taxpayer offering documents or explanations to justify the position reflected in the income tax return.

Sometimes, a favourable issue winds up for the taxpayer, and only minor changes are necessary with a limited reassessment for additional taxes to pay. But, in other cases, the two sides do not agree, and a tax dispute in under way.

The first official step which occurs when the parties can’t reach an earlier settlement is a Notice of Reassessment by the Minister. The first and very important step for the taxpayer is to file a Notice of Objection. This has to be filed before the expiry of the relevant period, generally of 90 days, and which for the most part will hold all legal, and collections actions in a state of suspension. Failure to file within the delay will lead to severe consequences.

Our lawyers specialize in tax litigation. They have solid academic backgrounds and litigation experience. They will work with the taxpayer’s accountant, comptroller or the taxpayer. In addition to lawyer expertise, we also work with former specialists that have been employed by the Québec or Canada Revenue Agencies. Knowledge of certain technicalities can often help in protecting our clients’ rights.

In short, when you have a tax issue with the tax authorities (Québec or Canada), a prompt intervention on your behalf will greatly contribute to a satisfactory settlement. Revenue Agencies are sometimes a bit ‘’trigger-happy’’, rapidly freezing bank accounts for instance. Do not wait unduly, call us to discuss your tax situation.